How many times have you had a bad shopping experience when buying Indian outfits and accessories?  Why are we more ready to accept that than if we got the same level of customer service if we were shopping for anything else?

These are all questions that have crossed our mind every time that we have been shopping for an event and our outfit hasn't turned out right, or we've been pressure-sold something that we've instantly regretted as soon as we're parted with our cash.


​But why does it have to be like that?


Well here's a little secret. It really doesn't.


At Avani London HQ, we believe that customers deserve better. If jewellery tells a story, we don’t want that story to be about your terrible experience of buying it.

Having established Avani London as an online boutique in 2017, our mission has remained consistent:

  • To make Indian jewellery more accessible, offering fresh and contemporary accessories that our customers will treasure forever, rather than just for an event;

  • To raise the standard of customer service when it comes to buying Indian imitation jewellery and accessories by offering a seamless customer experience (so no DMs for prices or bank transfers here, thank you very much!);

  • To leave our customers feeling over the moon with their purchases. 

We do hope you'll check us out and find out for yourself!